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I love reading about the  crafting and everyday dreams of Laura Browning at her chock full of blog.  She has also started her own handmade line featuring Happy Day banners and patchwork pillows.
Her Carrboro premier will be this Saturday at our Open Eye Market.
Her creations make lovely Mother’s Day gifts!


We love Carrboro Coffee Roasters.  They are responsible for the fresh, beautifully roasted coffee that you enjoy each time you go to Open Eye Cafe, Cafe Driade, or a number of other restaurants, clubs and cafes around the area.
The owner, Scott Conary, is not only a coffee expert but also someone who appreciates coffee at its roots.  He visits the farms that the beans come from to meet the farmers and the land.  There are many steps to a good cup of coffee and they are each important.

You can learn more about coffee and coffee roasting at the our OCAM market at Open Eye.  Come smell the roasting beans, sip on a well made coffee and meet the artisans behind Carrboro Coffee Roasting.

Flyer design by Buffy Maske of Reciprocities


Reciprocities is the imagination and witchery of Buffy Maske twisted into fabulous creations.  We love her feathered earrings, talisman necklaces, decoupage art, and screen prints.  The list of what she can do doesn’t end there.  Stop by our May 7th market at Open Eye to see all of Buffy’s Reciprocities.

We’re doing a market at Open Eye Cafe!  It will take place May 7th on the back patio of Open Eye, from 11 AM to 4 PM.  Participating Artisans include: Carrboro Coffee Company, Brilliant Handmade, Chock full ofGeoff Henshall, headfirst(screen printed designs), Little Foxes, Reciprocities and Roulette Vintage.  We’ll have great art, jewelry, handmade, remade and vintage clothes, awesome screen printed tees and artisan roasted coffee.

Hope to see you there!  Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is May 8th!  The OCAM market is the perfect place to find a gift for the Mom in your heart.

To check out the Facebook invite, click here.   You can also LIKE us on Facebook, here.

Fashion Shot

What do you get when you combine a handmade sweater by Mi Scusi Hand Made, a pillowcase dress by Riverbasin Outfitters, a key necklace by Leonine Designs, vintage belt from Roulette Vintage and a feathered talisman necklace by Reciprocities?
Awesome Fashion.
All five will be at the Market on Saturday March 26th!

Roulette Vintage

Roulette Vintage will be at The First Orange County Artisan Market at Nightlight with vintage and remade dresses & lingerie; plus men’s shirts, vintage linens, belts, scarves and lots more!

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